Scooter driving in Lovina

Only IDR 40,000 per day you can drive a scooter / motorbike in Lovina. Driving a motorbike / scooter in Lovina is fun and easy. You can explore some villages to see how the local live. Sometimes you will see family ceremony or temple ceremony around here. Scooter is the best way to enjoy the nature of north Bali.

It is fun if you want to go for a small trip to Banjar hot spring, Buddhist monastery, Munduk village or visit some waterfalls. Just try to go up hill, you will see scenic view !!
Nowadays, the scooter is easy to drive because most of the scooter is matic gear. But beware of some condition such as ; driving in Bali is at left side. Don’t forget. And beware of the brake. Don’t go to the road down hill. The brake is malfunction if use too much.

There is not any official scooter rental service in Lovina. But there are some shop will have it. The rental cost around IDR 50,000 to IDR 60,000 per day.

We know two guys in Lovina who has some scooter for rent. If you want to ask or reserve a scooter, you can ask and check the price by sending WhatsApp message. Their shop right in the center by the mainroad, just in the opposite of Fungky place.


– Putu Leong Whatsapp +62 85253605574 or click here...
– Kadek Budy Whatsapp +62 8123 6303 572

If you contact them, they will be able to bring the scooter to your place. They will offer you discount 20% for more then 2 days renting.

By the way, Herman Lovina Tour is not provide a scooter for rent :). Hope this information is useful for you. Have a fun and don’t forget to drive at left side and wear your helmet ^^