Petrol Price Hike Up

On Sept 3, the Indonesian government announced the fuel price is hike up. The new price hike by 20 – 30% up. The new price detail as follow :

1. Pertalite price increases from Rp7,650 per liter to Rp10,000 per liter

2. Subsidized Solar fuel from Rp5,150 per liter to Rp6,800 per liter

3. Non-subsidized Pertamax from Rp12,500 to Rp14,500 per liter

What the price effect of Herman Tour’s service? Regarding to this situation, very difficult to us to change the price list as we are just awake from stuck tourism business. We don’t want our client to pay more when using our service but the other side we have to pay the fuel more. So we decided to increase the transportation price only. It is between 10 – 15% and no more. But we are not work alone. On some package we are using other company service such as the fastboat to Gili / Penida, speed boat to Menjangan Island and so on and they are increase their price. They also make our package price go up as well. So happy or not, we also adjust the package price.