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Admission Bali Tourist Attractions 2019

Admission cost for Bali Tourist Attractions Entrance fees

Alas Kedaton, Rp 35.000
Badjra Sandi Monument, Rp 50.000
Bali Buterfly, Rp 85.000
Bali Bontanical Garden, Rp 15.000
Bali Musium, Rp 15.000
Bali Orchird Garden, Rp 100.000
Banjar Hotspring, Rp 20.000
Barong & Kris Dance, Rp 100.000
Batuan Temple, Donation
Batu Karu Temple, Rp 15.000
Beji Temple, RP 15.000
Besakih temple, Rp 60.000
Buddhist Monastery, Rp 20.000

Candi Kuning Fruit Market, Free
Dreamland beach, Rp 20.000/car
GWK, Rp 150.000
Gitgit Waterfall, Rp 20.000
Goa Gajah Temple, Rp 50.000
Gunung Kawi temple, Rp 15.000
Gunung Kawi Sebatu, Rp 15.000
Jagaraga temple, Donation
Jatiluwih riceterrace, Rp 40.000
Kecak & Fire dance, Rp 100.000
Kehen Temple, Rp 15.000
Kerta Gosa, Rp 50.000
Kintamani, Rp 30.000
Kuta beach, Rp 20.000
Lovina, Free

DOLPHIN WATCH LOVINA : Rp. 100,000 per person )*
MENJANGAN SNORKELING Rp. 425,000 per person )*

Meduwe Karang Temple, Donation
Ubud Monkey forest, Rp 80.00
Munduk waterfall, Rp 30.000
Nusa Dua Beach, Free
Penglipuran village, Rp 30.000
Sukawati Art Market, Free
Taman Ayun Temple, Rp 30.000
Tanah lot temple, Rp 60.000
Tegalalang rice terrace, Rp 10.000
Tegenungan waterfall, Rp 20.000
Tenganan village, Donation
Tirta Empul Temple, Rp 50.000
Tirta Gangga, Rp 40.000
Ubud Market, Free
Ubud Palace, Free
Taman Ujung water palace, Rp 50.000
Ulun Danu temple, Rp 50.000
Toya Devasya, Rp 180.000
Pandawa beach, Rp 15.000
Uluwatu temple, Rp 50.000
Lempuyang Temple, Rp 20.000
Goa Lawah Temple, Rp 35.000
Tukad Unda, Rp 15.000
Water Blow Nusa Dua, Free
Padang Padang beach, Rp 15.000

…..)* running by Herman Lovina Tour, start from Lovina

Update, 09:08 | 28 August 2019
Fee amount can be change depend on management determine.

Salam Pariwisata

Scooter driving in Lovina

Only IDR 40,000 per day you can drive a scooter / motorbike in Lovina. Driving a motorbike / scooter in Lovina is fun and easy. You can explore some villages to see how the local live. Sometimes you will see family ceremony or temple ceremony around here. Scooter is the best way to enjoy the nature of north Bali.

It is fun if you want to go for a small trip to Banjar hot spring, Buddhist monastery, Munduk village or visit some waterfalls. Just try to go up hill, you will see scenic view !!
Nowadays, the scooter is easy to drive because most of the scooter is matic gear. But beware of some condition such as ; driving in Bali is at left side. Don’t forget. And beware of the brake. Don’t go to the road down hill. The brake is malfunction if use too much.

There is not any official scooter rental service in Lovina. But there are some shop will have it. The rental cost around IDR 50,000 to IDR 60,000 per day.

We know two guys in Lovina who has some scooter for rent. If you want to ask or reserve a scooter, you can ask and check the price by sending WhatsApp message. Their shop right in the center by the mainroad, just in the opposite of Fungky place.


– Putu Leong Whatsapp +62 8523 8854 864
– Kadek Budy Whatsapp +62 8123 6303 572

If you contact them, they will be able to bring the scooter to your place. They will offer you discount 20% for more then 2 days renting.

By the way, Herman Lovina Tour is not provide a scooter for rent :). Hope this information is useful for you. Have a fun and don’t forget to drive at left side and wear your helmet ^^

Agung is Safe


1 October 2017
12:00 local Bali time

Bali Tourism Hospitality Task Force commences formation and will be in full operation effective as of 5 October 2017.

Tourists to Bali will be handled by this task force and most particularly in the case of the occurence of Mount Agung eruption.

Bali Tourism Hospitality acknowledges that all airline offices in Bali are now connected to hotel companies so that if the Bali Airport closes, passengers are able to choose accommodation for extension or be transported to an alternative airport near Bali. ITDC, the state-owned company managing The Nusa Dua who has over 4500 rooms in its area, has also given its commitment to support any stranded passengers in accordance to availability and procedures already in place.

Should anyone need further explanation regarding what to do in the case of Mount Agung eruption, contact:

*Bali Tourism Hospitality Task Force*

Call Center:
in English/Indonesian
in Mandarin

All official statements on Mount Agung is jointly issued by Ministry of Tourism, Bali Government Tourism Office and Bali Tourism Board all under one collated task force, the Bali Tourism Hospitality Task Force.

Thank you.